Being a part-timer to full-time freelancer and then started a company is like a dream come true. After a long year, I finally got a name for my start-up, inspired by the time I grew up in. The whole journey acted like a roller-coaster in my life.. but finally I came of every aspects and working hard to achieve the set goals for me, my team and our lovely start-up.

Protovo Solutions is born with a new Promise to Bring Ideas to Life. We have moved to our dorm room and started working towards the NextGen products, services & technology. We all are enjoying this phase and loving it like anything.
My team and I call ourselves as Creator of Opportunities. We love doing what we want and understand the true meaning of Entrepreneurship & Balanced Life. We are trying to create the “X-Factor” in ourselves. Day in and Day out, we are trying hard to achieve to the set target with more enthusiasm.

Here are a couple of quotes which help us during our journey