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What is Data Entry and Data Processing?

Data entry and data processing services are similar in that they deal with your company's important data. However, the difference lies in how data is handled in both processes.

Data entry refers to entering the information into an electronic device like a computer system for categorizing purposes. It makes it easier to find important data easily when needed.

While on the other hand, data processing refers to manipulating and altering the required data to derive better quality and purposeful information.


Why Outsource Data Entry and Processing Services?


Data entry and processing are extremely important for an organization to perform, as they help maintain the company's coordination and a positive reputation of the company outside.

Outsourcing these services can open up many ways of success for the company. For instance, you might have a lot of work to do to make your company successful; focusing on many things simultaneously can turn things otherwise.

Hiring some professionals for the task can make things simpler and easier for you!

Protovo Solutions: Your One-stop Digital Solution

Protovo Solutions has been working since 2016 to provide efficient data entry and processing services.We help you maintain and organize your company's data while focusing on other important tasks.

We understand the broadness of the data entry and processing services and ensure that the company's needs are met, and the requirements are fulfilled as expected.

Our Data Entry Services Include


Data Cleansing

We ensure your data is stored categorically and up-to-date with business standards.


Data Classification

We organize your data into your prescribed criterion. The unnecessary data is filtered out, and the relevant information is saved for later use.


Data Conversion

We convert your given data into formats like the image format via .jpeg or PDF format. Data conversion depends on the choice and requirements of your business.

Types of Data Entry Services We Offer

Online Data Entry

We ensure all your data and information that you provide to us has been entered accurately through your online portal/document that you can access whenever you feel the need.

Offline Data Entry

We convert your hard copy data information into digital format. You can access this stored digital information whenever you need it.

Manual Data Entry

We use advanced software and convert your data into digital form manually. The use of the latest technologies helps us complete the process efficiently.

Product Data Entry

For a product-based company, ensure to keep a record of every product coming from the factory production house. We guarantee to keep the record human error-free.

Insurance Claims Data Entry

We store your insurance claims data and documents, keeping in view their high priority and sensitivity.

Accounting Data Entry

We keep your accounts data information recorded and checked. This relieves accountants from their high-pressure work schedule and protects the system from running into some serious problems.

Logistics Data Entry

We keep all the data and information from your vendors and clients and keep them in check to introduce uniformity in the structure.

Types of Data Processing Services We Provide:

Commercial Data Processing

Commercial data processing allows an error-filtration system and allows the raw data to be directly processed by the company.

This process is widely used in public relations, marketing, and banking due to its ease of accessibility and benefit for the company.

Commercial Data Processing
Commercial Data Processing

Scientific Data Processing

We also help scientific researchers to process a lot of important data and categorize it accordingly.

Combining unique methods and technology, we ensure to meet the requirements of our clients.

Benefits of Hiring Data Entry and Data Processing Professionals

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