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Web Technologies

Whatever platform, language or development application you prefer to use, we’ve got you covered.

PHP (HyperText Preprocessor)

We work on widely-used, open source scripting language with all it's latest development frameworks

Python Engineering

Python is a leading programming language and we worked on all three frameworks:Full-Stack, Micro & Asynchronous

Ruby on Rails

ROR is a simple and powerful platform to built rapid prototypes, MVP, and any kind of web application/service.

Javascript Frameworks

The #1 programming language in the world and we can say the king of web development

Mobile & Cross-Platform Technologies

Whether it's mobile or modern cross-platform technologies, we have the tools to ensure your app is fully functional and ready to exceed user expectations.

Legendary Technologies

We also worked on legendary technologies which have been introduced long back and still popular in the industry

UX/UI Tools

Optimizing the user's experience is important and essential. That's why we're well versed in all tools from Mockflow to Figma


We have the skills to ensure your data and information is securely stored and available to you behind the scenes.

CMS - Content Management Systems

Running a website should be easy. That's why we're experts in creating solutions for every key CMS


Creating an online store or e-shop reqiures a flawless customer experience and an effective solution that makes it easy to run any e-commerce store

Cloud & DevOps

We focus on future ready cloud, DevOps and Hosting Solutions

QA & Testing

Invaluable Information can be derived from testing that can help identify sticking points and take your applications to the next level

Digital Marketing

Standing out from the crowd and engaging with your customers online requires both an effective strategy and an expertise in digital marketing applications.

Enterprise Management Systems(CRM, ERP, HRMS, Accounting, Invoicing, Billing, FMS, Asset Management)

Every organization require a software system or management system to manage day-to-day business activities

CodeCanyon Scripts Customization

We value every business and their budgets, so we keep ourselves updated with pre-defined scripts and get our hands dirty in their customization, module developement, feature development and rejuvenation

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