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Avenues & Opportunities Age

We drilled down ourselves and added unlimited skills to our island. Building a 360-degree agency is our next goal.


Shining Era

We're ready to embrace everything the upcoming years will bring!


We Turn 5 (Oct 2021)

We celebrated our 5th Anniversary!
New projects and opportunities, entering into new phases of learning.


Post Covid (August 2020)

Work From Anywhere!
We learn to work from anywhere in sync with trending tools.


COVID-19 (Mar 2020)

The year of sustaining, learning, improving and get ready for next battle.


We Move to Brand New Office

We have successfully move to our new branch office & started adding more family members. With a variety of skillsets, our team is ready for any challenge.


From 2 to 7

From a team two to a team seven so it mean with more projects on the way, our team is growing.


Transition to Full Service

It's Happening 🙂
We understood things well and decided to build our Own Desk!


Protovo was born! (Oct 2016)

While going through all these practices, the idea came to us with a charisma. Protovo was born with a new Opportunity! Ambition! Results!


Our Humble Beginning as a Freelancer (Jan 2016)

A Living Room, A Job, A Laptop, Cups of Coffee, Late Night Discussion, Work and Unique Ideas!

We want to be the best in what we do and
to work with both the best clients and developers.

Our Office Life

At Protovo, we create a close-knit team of specialists in various fields of Digital Solutions. Our weekly ritual starts with a traditional breakfast to reverse the bad Monday’s reputation. It also helps us smoothly and painlessly switch from the weekend mode to daily office life.

A pleasant atmosphere at the workplace is essential to us. That is why our office life features flexible working hours, shared meals, knowledge sessions and internal meetups.

We Celebrate

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